Camera-scanning and film digitizing

How to “scan” film negatives with a digital camera is something I've been following pretty closely since 2016. This page shares experiences and experiments that might be helpful for others to get better and faster scanning results, compared to cheapo drug store scans or what can be achieved with ordinary flatbed scanners.

Film developing: What you really need

So-called starter sets for film processing are often not complete in reality. Therefore, here is my annotated shopping list for beginners: Everything you need and also why – including considerations of sustainability and ergonomics.

My personal camera-scanning jouney

My first setup was a traditional “slide duplicator and window light” approach, then a copy stand setup with a light tablet took over. The slide duplicator's rickety negative strip holder was soon replaced with a DIY negative mask made from cardboard and a foam mat. Since the light tablet proved too weak for a decent scan exposure, I switched to a box setup with a stronger light source and a negative mask as box lid.